Balance Run 3D

About Balance Run 3D

Balance is the key to your victory in Balance Run 3D unblocked, challenging puzzle game. Your mission is to conquer the roads full of obstacles while keeping balance.

If you are looking for new challenges to warm up, why not try Balance Run 3D? It will surprise you with the difficulty of interesting puzzle levels where you have to balance on a narrow wooden stick. You will be standing on the wooden bar with the boxes underneath, which means you are standing higher than the ground. Your boxes will decrease or increase as you move along the road and encounter many different items. If you encounter boxes of the same type and you collect them, your height will increase. But pay attention, you need to ensure balance, ie the number of boxes on both left and right is equal. If you encounter obstacles like a turntable, boxes of different colors, …, your height will be deducted. And if you are not tall enough to overcome the many other challenges ahead, you will lose.

So the difficulty of the game is balance and skillful movement when you play Balance Run 3D online. You need to try to collect as many boxes as possible to maximize your height. However, it is a risky practice, because if you lose your balance, you will fall. The rule to maintain balance is that the number of boxes on the left and on the right should be approximately equal. If it is too disparate, you need to find a way to supplement the box for the lower side to regain the necessary balance. So, this kids game online will leave you a lot of impression and really addictive.

How To Play

Use your mouse to move left or right and collect your boxes

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