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About Badminton Online

The IO games online series contains a lot of sports games and Badminton Online is one of them with various awesome features, amazing challenges, and tough matches. You can now play Badminton game free online in your browser to challenge more other rivals to matches. This is also a nice opportunity for you to show off what skills you have got. When two contenders step into the game, the match officially kicks off. In the match, you must aim and throw the ball in the perfect directions for points. Your rival has the same goal, and he will also try to score points. You must use your good strategies or any tricks to stop him from scoring goal, even though it will not be easy. The ultimate winner of the match will be the one that got 5 points first. Besides enjoying the matches, you should not forget to unlock more features for your character, like skins, hairstyles, clothes, etc. Play Badminton game now!

How To Play

Use key W to jump, keys A/D to move, click the left/right mouse button to throw the ball, and use the mouse to aim.

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