Baby Hazel in Kitchen

About Baby Hazel in Kitchen

You can play Baby Hazel in Kitchen game for free now to help Baby Hazel cook food for her mom. Many delicious dishes and kitchen tools to discover every day, are you ready?

This is a fun HTML5 online experience for kids and people who love to cook. You will help Baby Hazel to complete the cooking process from going to the market, choosing ingredients, kitchen utensils, cooking and preparing dishes on the table. It seems like a lot of steps to take, but they are addictive and make you happy every day. You can start by going to the supermarket, which has a lot of dishes and kitchen utensils for today’s meal. So you can find tomatoes, carrots, eggplants, vegetables, fruits, milk, pepper… and many more. So, you have to help her choose the right items to look for and return home early. There are a lot of things to buy but you can relax with upbeat music during your supermarket journey.

If you have prepared the necessary items, you will go to the kitchen when you play Baby Hazel in Kitchen unblocked. So, you’ll need to know a few simple recipes like Apple puree or Vegetable Soup to get started with choosing the right ingredients and cooking. Enjoy your cooking with music and modern kitchen space. After cooking, you will help her prepare the food on the table and prepare to enjoy. You’ll find them to look great with their eye-catching colors and delicious flavors. That’s the result of you today, after going through dozens of jobs from going to the market, going to the kitchen and cooking. So, this cooking game will help you learn useful knowledge and bring a lot of fun with familiar daily tasks.

How To Play

Click to choose ingredients and utensils, click to cook and arrange dishes

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