Astro Race

About Astro Race

Playing Astro Race unblocked now to experience auto-thrusters and engage your war drives. Astro Race free online is a space-themed racing io game. Player drive a supersonic spaceship and battle for the shaft position against different parts in this excessively quick, very cutting edge, MMO dashing game.

This space games online free have simple graphics but are very smooth. When players are racing, players can use prudent utilization of the lift work, you can impact in front of different players and start to lead the pack, keep it with forceful driving and score gold to be the most amazing aspect of the day.

The ship floats along the track lines to accelerate and revive your lift, thump into different players to keep them off their game, be forceful, be a champ! And then players arrive at the most elevated group and rival the most incensed parts on the planet! so Astro Race is the primary floating and dashing iO game accessible!

How To Play

You can select Left/Right Arrows to turn. Of course, Up Arrow means boost.

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