About is an Agario Style Space-themed 2D Shooter game online focusing on an epic dogfight between opponents. In this game, your main task is to make your spaceship larger than ever by gathering as much plasma as possible. You can find the plasma easily when you roam around in space, try to gather them more to upgrade the size of your ship. However, you shouldn’t stay careless while you are in the hunt for plasma because some strong ships controlled by real enemies won’t be hesitant to shoot you. Stay away from the larger ships as you attempt to hunt down the weaker ones. Don’t forget to fire many asteroids for a lot of interesting items. You can outsmart your enemies by using missiles and powerful items, such as Invisibility, Death Ray, etc. Your main objective here is to reach the top spot on the leaderboard. Play and prove your skills now!

How To Play

Speed up your ship by using the right mouse, click left mouse to fire. Or you can use spacebar/ key E to shoot, press key W/Q to speed up.

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