ARCHERz unblocked is a great game of strategy in which you must show off your strategic skills to take on all enemies and beat them for your ultimate win. The game is all about leading your army of archers to attack other players with their armies and finding a lot of gold coins to power up your army. The first thing you do is hiring an archer to join the army. Keep hiring more of them until you build a big army for yourself. The more archers you hire, the more gold coins you will pick up on the map because those archers can help you collect the coins easily. One army can store up to 100 archers and each of them has different abilities and attacks. When you are ready, you can go defeat other players before they deal damage to your army. The one with the strongest army and the highest score will become the ultimate winner of the game. Play ARCHERz game for free now! Have fun!

How To Play

Use the mouse for the movement, click the left mouse to attack enemies and use number keys 1-9 to use the bow.

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