Among Rescue

About Among Rescue

Among Rescue free online is an addictive puzzle game with unique yet familiar mechanics. Your task is to remove the pins to help the red guy collect his loot safely.

Perhaps you still remember Among Us, the online game that caused a fever in the gaming market not too long ago. Now you’ll meet familiar characters from that game again and uncover super-challenging puzzles in Among Rescue unblocked. This game will give you a puzzle level system with familiar unlocking mechanics. Your task is to remove the latches in a reasonable way so that your character can get diamonds or gold chests. Note, if you remove it incorrectly, you can kill your character and of course, you lose. The challenges for you are lava, water or even an assassin in Among Us. So you need to remove the latch wisely for the funny red guy to progress to his loot.

This strategy game will have increasing difficulty through each level, requiring you to play better over time. Initially, the quizzes will be simple with only 1 or 2 pegs and you only need a few seconds to think for the answer. But then more challenges will confuse you, for example more pegs and they are randomly matched. Think more carefully to make sure you remove the correct pin, and think about interesting combinations. For example, you can combine water with lava to form stone, and the stone is not harmful to the character. Or you can use lava to finish off the tough assassin. And many other ways are possible as long as they are reasonable to collect your precious loot.

How To Play

Click to remove the yellow pins your way

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