Airport Clash 3D

About Airport Clash 3D

Are you ready to pilot an airplane to fight against enemies in a fun action-packed shooter io game called Airport Clash 3D unblocked? This game is made with unique 3D graphics as well as features entertaining gameplay that definitely keeps you engaged for hours. You will direct a gang of raiders to take over a deserted airport terminal from an enemy gang. Make use of heavy weapons such as Gatling gun or Barret rifle to crush down enemies and stop them from dealing damage to you. Go find more hidden weapons with diverse power-ups throughout the map then use them to power up yourself. Since the map is very huge, you have to stay on the lookout all the time as well as have some strategies ready to cope with the dangers around. You will earn points from killing enemies, and then use the points to grow your health. Can you lead your gang to the ultimate victory? Have fun playing Airport Clash 3D free!

How To Play

Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Press C to crouch, use the spacebar to jump, use Tab for the stats and use the right mouse for the sniper zoom.

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