About Adversator

Adversator unblocked is a team-based MOBA video game online that is compatible with PC and mobile devices. You join a team and have to help your teammates fight off the rival team for the ultimate win. When the battle kicks off in Adversator online, you must dish out damage to the main building of the rival team while protecting your own. Killing enemies is the main mission in this title. The more kills you collect, the more XP and gold will be rewarded to you. You can use them to level up yourself to become stronger. Leveling up will unlock a new skill level for you. Keep advancing your levels through the battle and you will get closer to the victory. Don’t forget to go to the shop where you can purchase awesome items using the gold you have earned. Teamwork should be expressed during the fight. Stick with your teammates, support each other, and your team will win. Play Adversator game now! Have fun!

How To Play

Move your character or select an item or a spell using the left mouse button. Click the right mouse button to get to a position, pick a target to attack, or purchase items in the shop. Use AZER or QWER to cast spells and use active items. Click the camera view to move and use T to teleport.

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