About us

It's a brief introduction before you play online games on Nebulousonline.com. Players must know what their options are in relation to the favorite game.

Nebulous.io is an easy game that players at any age could enjoy at break time. It’s similar to most multiplayer io games in how to manage movement and game rules. However, it’s both thrilling and relaxing to wander around and collect orbs.

3D graphics and comprehensive design make it a promising game for today. You can have it easily download Nebulous APK for offline or Bluetooth multiplayer combats.

The website doesn’t own the game but we offer smooth gameplay, updated features, and exclusive mods. Therefore, players can enjoy extra fun.

Nebulous.io online game
Nebulous.io online game

Who invented Nebulous.io?

Nebulous is a game by Voodoo. The game now is no longer available online but for download.

Where to play Nebulous.io?

We offer the Apk file for those who want to download it to Android or iOS devices. However, before conducting any acts, players must comprehend our terms of use and privacy policy. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact nebulousonline.com through emails.

How to play?

Your goal is to be the biggest Nebulous and pop up to the top of the Leaderboard. Players need to go around and collect orbs. The Nebulous will gain size while staying cautious with deadly contact. The Leaderboard will show off ranking.

Players can easily manipulate the character using the mouse or touchpad.

Nebulous Online